29 May 2010

raina i always love you.

yes ANTM 12 is over yer.
and the winner adalah.
the Bitch Krista,damn i hate her.
btw as updated now,america idol pun dah ada winner.
dancing with the star pun sudah.
wait2,tyra nak retired jadi host..
yes,she dah buat last show@episode tuk 
the tyra bank show..
(ha3,i never watch even once!!)

back to our story.
ini dia gmbar2 raina dari mula2,sampai la top 2.
*some picture rated as 18 yer.
all the girls of cycle 14.
her introduction@promo picture
week 1(nude picture,her face cute giler,i love her since this shot!)
week 1(part 2,where naduah n gab kena kick,but she been called first,i love this picture too)
week 2(ha3,not my fav,cycle ni bnyak sungguh shot kena lompat2,not her stronger picture!)
week 3(the vampire week,ni picture sumpa awesome,tapi tatianna lagi power,xpa,been called 3rd is awesome too)
week 4(shot tepi jalan tribute to alexander mc queen,i love this picture,but judges x,x adil langsung!)
week 5(cover girl shot,akward giler,she good at extreme@hard poses,not commercial,but still nice) 
week 6(wig dress,ni pun pose loncat,nasib baik cantik,but alasia punyer paling awesome!)
week 7(di New Zealand,pose ngan alive kambing yer rakan2,walaupun bukan called 1st,but 4 me,this picture are fly!!!!!!!!!!)
week 8(ha3,i hate this picture,and well 4 the 1st time dia kena bottom 2,xpa,sabaq noo,btw krista punyer picture tuk minggu ni,giler cantik,btw tyra photograper,krista anak emas tyra,no wonder picture cantik,herm!!)
week 9(love,love,love!minggu ni angelea n alexandra kena kick,wah,she deserve to b in top 2,wah,paling cool,menyeramkan and ada maskuliniti,u go girls!)
final week(cover girls shoot,hot!!!!)
cover girl picture campaign,she look so angelic,love her so fuckin damn much!

apapun,congrat dapat jadi runner up,i wish 4 ya sucksess eh!
btw krista menang cycle ni pun coz,dia tu anak emas tyra n andre'
damn,pepapun,nak add facebook raina??
add la kat sini..