05 November 2009

Tiffany SNSD@Girl Generations di'pulau'??

yeah,that was right,she been OUTCAST from other groupmate,it because dia base dari america,n dia punyer korea x fluent mcm other.

im like WTF,memang other sejibik mcm BITCH,
sian giler la kat dia,dwng selalu tinggalkan dia tanpa kasi tahu aper2,and selalu di"HANJENG" oleh dwng kerana slalu ejek2 guner ayat korean yg dia blur2 ,giler BITCH.Girl,buat solo jer,show them what u can do,i always be on your side.
<3 u!!

InuYasha Final Act

my New favourite Anime of 2009
x sabar nak tunggu ending..
im trilled..
animax cepat abiskan anime nie!!
kagome i love you!!
(now in college,x leh watch animax)
so youtube jer!!


what do you think will be posibble technologically 10 years from now?
how about 20 or 30 years from now?
research a new and intersting technology that is in the research and development stage.
prepare a presentation using a movie clip and power point on this technology and present it into the class.
submit a short paper on the impacts this new technology might have on society and/or businesses
do in it group ,maximum of 4!
(anyone help me)

what happen to me??

god,please help me.
i feel so lonely.
i dont have any place to say
" im sad" "im tired",or "im annoyed"
to someone that i can trusted.
i miss my BFF.
it been a long way for me to be patient.
but now i think.
i want an open relationship,
there is no way,
im gonna hold back,
im sick been lonely,
been jealous.
and annoying with all this surrounding..
please be my lover