10 September 2010

R.I.P Jenpoo.com

selama ni dodol download mp3,album,music video piretly from here,mudah,cepat n ringan,x byak songeh,but now dah xboleh,so sad,Jenpoo u always be my favourite download K-pop site.

happy birthday my blog

yeah,as everyone know today is hari raya.
well,one more sweet things.

today is the 1st anniversary of my Blog.
dodol is delicious sudah 1 tahun,kejap jer rasa,pejam celik,pejam celik dah 1 tahun menapak.
this is the place where i wrote bout my excitment,my sadness.
everything la.
thnx dodol is delicious.
1 years 60 follower,awesome!
166 article has been posted and been read 393times.not that goods,but ok la,rather then nothing kan?
nostalgic giler,yeah,my 1st post pagi2 10 september,sweet!!

happy birthday,u r the power of my life.