06 January 2010

younha-we broke up today MV

Younha (윤하) - 오늘 헤어졌어요 (Today I Broke Up)

dodol says=love the MV,so meaningful.

and eventually i do have that kind of situation happen to me in reality.

but it ok,it almost make my tears down,i still can hold it.

because i know it just a nice ballad song.still it torn my hard to remember that memory.


twiggies!!!!!(i need u)

errrr,i eat this when i happy,i eat this when i sad,i eat this when i depress,i cant just live my life without this piece of fucking bread,it really turn me on.(eventually im not in a good mood,and i just took 2 twiggies,and felling much more better).I dont know they put poisons of something,but it make me addicted to it,im in love with u twiggies

psst~im not eat every days,depend to my mood,(and others reasons i love twiggies it only the things that do undestand me after my BFF,who's now in Terrenganu,im so lonely in KUIS,i dont have lots friends,and i wish i could finishing my Diploma A.S.A.P(fingers crossing)

soul eater is yummie!!!

love this anime.
what menarik it not melerek smpai beribu3 episod..
mcm naruto,bleach,1 piece blalalala..
nice drawing,plot yang menarik.
kuasa yang mengagumkan(as what we always expect in anime kan??)
i give 4/5 la..