09 October 2009

camers ready,ACTION!!

recently,lot stuff just happens to me,x kira la bender baik or opposite!
btw,it good things,currently im now in my father office,dia bukak bisnes selling kereta terpakai,and luckly ari nie,ada shooting drama kowt?or movie,idk.but fyi,the actors yg terlibat quit stblish,faizal hussain,arron aziz,and maria aper kebender entah.well,4 me,i thought it gonna b a good experience,but it turn into something very akward and annoying,entah la.mungkin aku x adore sngat kowt citer melayu,so peling excited tu mcm x der jer,just pening tngok orng ramai giler kat my dad's office and those actor yg aku pun x beberapa kenal,well next post ill try letak some of their pix.))=