30 January 2010

Happy Birthday All Febuarian!!

09-02-1990:Takim KUIS

Happy Birthday

25 January 2010

brad pitt n angelina is spliting(yahooooooooo)

Since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt became Brangelina the couple has been plagued with rumours their relationship was a tumultuous one, with stories of fierce fights and clandestine affairs. Recently however the rumours began to escalate that a break-up was eminent and now it seems the ‘truth’ is out that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have officially split!
Brangelina no longer seeing eye to eye
Brangelina no longer seeing eye to eye
However, despite the hundreds of news reports flooding the Internet allegedly confirming that Brad and Ange have signed separation papers, The New York Daily News have quoted sources who deny the news calling it instead “totally false.”

“Everything is fine,” one source told People.com while other sources say otherwise. The couple is not talking; they have neither confirmed nor denied anything as yet. And until a public statement is released by them, speculation will continue.

While we’d all love to see Hollywood’s golden couple together the odds are there is no hope of a long and lasting relationship here – even if the current news of their split is found to be false.  

Based on journalist Ian Halperin's report that a close friend of Brad says, “Brad is miserable and wants a new start,” it looks like the hunky actor has been preparing to bail from his five-year relationship with Ange for at least six months.

The bigger news when the split does become final is who will get custody of the couple’s six children? That is set to be a long, drawn out and ugly fight between Brad and Ange who, despite the breakdown of their relationship have always maintained their love for their kids.
Battle for the brood
Battle for the brood
The fact that they have never married and that Brad's surname is attached to all the children namely; Maddox, Zahara and Pax and that he is the biological father to  Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne will guarantee the custody battle will definitely be complicated.

It is for certain that Ange will not give up custody of her children easily and the battle will rage on whether Brad will get any custody at all. A few published reports have already claimed that Ange has offered Brad $90 million so she can gain full custody of their six children.

From the start of the break up rumours Ange who has always maintained her children are her life has made it clear she will do anything to keep her kids and she has also made it clear that money was no object in her bid to gain sole custody of all children.

British magazine Look quoted a source who confirmed this saying, “The fact remains she wants them (the children) with her on a daily basis. To ensure this, Ange sat Brad down and calmly informed him she was prepared to make the one-off payout to him if he’d agree to forgo a nasty custody battle.”

The source also pointed out, “Of course, Brad nearly fell off his chair when she proposed the financial settlement. I think he thought she was joking for a while and told her to stop being so ridiculous.” The source added, “He rejected the offer and said in the event of a permanent split, he intends to for joint custody and a promise that all children will be raised and educated primarily in the United States near his family.”

“Despite their differences,” the source continues, “Angelina thinks Brad is a brilliant father. But I think he is insulted and above all hurt that despite all he and Angelina have shared together and the children they’ve had, it’s coming down to money.”

dodol say=yippie,the most anoying couple of this decade is finally break up,yahuu.lepas ni saper nak anak2 dia cepat2 la bid dalam E-Bay,hua3!!!(amik kau brad pit,tingai sngat J.A,dia iklas jer kawin ngan hang,hang nak p cari yang seksi,padan muker!!!)

14 January 2010


love this song so fucking damn much.
and now aku sudah mampu menghafal lagu ni.

12 January 2010

XAM japan tonight!!!

Tonight is the night bebeh.
after dah lebih half of the sem,
baru my lec nak buat mid term.
(btw he look like a Gay man,ha4!!)

hopefully x susah.
just 2 chapter jer..

gambate ni...
(finger crossing,hoping2)

11 January 2010

Stress week!!!

I don't want to be stress,it make me feel sick and worthless.To be honest i have 1 mid semester exam,2 test,storyboard to be submit this week,meet up with annoying client,bunch of assignment(and all have to submitted this week)it make me wanna puke,it hurts the most(dah la rajin ponteng class,and kene warned by lec,it not a good felling,and i also miss out examination test)this sem is the worst sem i ever attend,and also the add drop issue still hanging on my neck,repeat papers,tough project and last but not least shooting for fucking boring project.i hate my College,KUIS suck!  
(nak cepat2 blah,fingers crossing,pray2)

10 January 2010

K-Pop Girlgroups' Activities For Jan-Feb 2010

2009 was the year of the girlgroups in K-Pop circle, they were dominating music charts either as the whole team or as individual members of the group.
So what are the plans for each of the groups for this early half of 2010? 

Existing powerhouses So Nyeo Shi Dae, Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls and KARA

Hitting the K-Pop world with 2 main hits "Gee" and "Tell Me Your Wish," So Nyeo Shi Dae will meet fans again with their new album in February.

A staff member said, “So Nyeo Shi Dae has been working on this new album. So there is high chance that they will release the new album before the end of February. Even though we are not confirmed with the single album will be in the form of minialbum or full length album, but we are going with full length album plans for now.”

Also member TaeYeon will continue with her DJing on MBC ‘ChinChin’ radio show, Yuri and Tiffany will continue with MCing on MBC Music Core, and Jessica will be involved in her musical ‘Legally Blonde’.

5-member group KARA will be releasing a new minialbum in February.
A staff member revealed, “The situation now is that the recording works are almost completed. Fans can get to see the minialbum by mid-February.”
But before the group comes back with a new album, they will be having a fan meeting and showcase in Japan on February 7 in Tokyo for 2,000 fans. This will be the group’s first overseas fan meeting since their debut in 2007.
As for ‘adult-dol’ Brown Eyed Girls who brought us hits like "Abracadabra" and "Sign" last year, will focus more on their individual activities earlier this half of the year.
GaIn will be on MBC We Got Married while Narsha will continue on KBS ‘Invincible Youth’.
But it was revealed that as a surprise for fans, there will be a solo song released by one of the members early this year.
Wonder Girls who were the first Korean singers to enter the Billboard Main Chart Hot 100 Chart last year, will be releasing a full length album in the US this February, and also release an album in China in the same month.

Strong Newcomers 2NE1, T-ara, 4Minute, After School, f(x)

There are plans for the newcomer girlgroups who debuted last year to promote the earlier part of this year.
First, for 4Minute, HyunA will be the first member to have her solo debut. Her solo debut song ‘Change’ was revealed online on the 5th, and has been well received by netizens and fans.
4Minute will also be doing their Asian promotions from the end of this month till end of February in countries like Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong etc.
T-ara and After School will focus on their new songs.
After gaining much love and popularity with the song ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’, group T-ara will be promoting the title song "Like The First Time" off their 1st full length album in early February.
Member JiYeon will be also involved in drama "God Of Study" aired on KBS and member HyoMin will also be in a musical "Really Really Like You" from February.
After School will continue on their promotions of their new song "Because Of You" and members JooYeon and GaHee etc will have appearances on various broadcast shows.
4-member group 2NE1, who brought us hits like "Fire" and "I Don’t Care" last year, will be working on their first full length album around January and February.
A staff member said, “The 4 members are working hard to prepare for their first full length album. There are plans for the group to release their first full length album in the first half of 2010.”
Having promoted their new song "Chu~♡" near the end of last year, f(x) is known to be preparing for their upcoming new album currently.(source www.soompi.com)

09 January 2010

song in Soul Eater

soul eater gives lot of impact to me,not only i love the anime,the song in the drama are awesome.
so i ask my lovely Haji to download all the song.
so aper kater kiter layan opening song anime nieh~~

 opening episode 1-29

 opening episode 30-51

i have to admit song dia sngat gempak,to saper yang nak mp3 dia,search sahaja~
T.M revolution-resonance(opening episode 1-29)

Tommy Heavenly6-paper moon(opening episode 30-51)

07 January 2010

i hate thursday..

i hate thursday.
mostly this semester.
i got 5 class in thursday.
i have to submit all assgment on thursday.
kamis is not delicious.
subject yg sngat x seronok.
i hate thursday.
hate it.
titik noktah!!!

06 January 2010

younha-we broke up today MV

Younha (윤하) - 오늘 헤어졌어요 (Today I Broke Up)

dodol says=love the MV,so meaningful.

and eventually i do have that kind of situation happen to me in reality.

but it ok,it almost make my tears down,i still can hold it.

because i know it just a nice ballad song.still it torn my hard to remember that memory.


twiggies!!!!!(i need u)

errrr,i eat this when i happy,i eat this when i sad,i eat this when i depress,i cant just live my life without this piece of fucking bread,it really turn me on.(eventually im not in a good mood,and i just took 2 twiggies,and felling much more better).I dont know they put poisons of something,but it make me addicted to it,im in love with u twiggies

psst~im not eat every days,depend to my mood,(and others reasons i love twiggies it only the things that do undestand me after my BFF,who's now in Terrenganu,im so lonely in KUIS,i dont have lots friends,and i wish i could finishing my Diploma A.S.A.P(fingers crossing)

soul eater is yummie!!!

love this anime.
what menarik it not melerek smpai beribu3 episod..
mcm naruto,bleach,1 piece blalalala..
nice drawing,plot yang menarik.
kuasa yang mengagumkan(as what we always expect in anime kan??)
i give 4/5 la..

05 January 2010



(nama entry pun xda title so suker hati aku la nak letak aper pun kan??)


03 January 2010

G-Dragon Heatbreaker Full Album MV

first single=Heartbreaker MV

second single=Breath MV

third single=Butterfly MV

fourth single=A Boy MV

Heartbreaker by G-Dragon(full album)


Track list

1. 소년이여 ( A Boy)
2. Heartbreaker [Title song]
3. Breathe
4. Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung)
5. Hello (feat. Sandara)
6. Gossip man (feat. Kim Gun Mo)
7. Korean Dream (feat. TaeYang)
8. What’s up (feat. Teddy , CL)
9. She’s Gone (feat. KUSH)
10. Hollow
11. 1년 정거장 (Station 1 year)

dodol says:
OMG,finnaly i got G-D album,the 2009 best album.
ha3,bangga sebentar,(thnx aji tolong download)
btw,iwant to preview and give ma comment bout 
the song in this album!
opening,A Boy=not my fav walaupun mv dia cantik,but lyric dia berat.
it about his journey to be a huge star since dia kecil,blala(all in k rap,so quit hard nak sing along)
2nd track,Heartbreaker=Yummie love this track,antara my fav track,love the MV,love the sounds
(walaupun dia kene saman katanyer sounded like Right Round-Flo rida),
in this track we can heard he try succcesfully to developed new sound for foreign market,sounded elektronik sngat,yet,it cool

3rd track,Breathe=this one agak ok,how he rap and the mix of pop,dance n rap sounded balancedg
4th track,Butterfly=lagu yg kurang menyengat,but love the lyric,heavy but so meaningful,and mv dia yg sangat indah,with kartun bagai,it sounded like reggae balld kinda like that.
5th track,Hello=lagu ni dia feat Sandara from 2NE1,nice lyric sounded like him,but eventually lagu ni x mengunakan vokal Sandara yg sebenar(sbb kedengaran ke-edit-an,suaranya)
6th track,Gossip Man=love,love,love.itu sahaja nak mengamparkan betapa indah lirik nya,digarap penuh teliti,walaupun in korea mix english it sounded clear and the melody buat buntut goyang bagai cik inul mengerudi.
7th track,Korean Dream=lagu ni dia feat fellow groupmate Taeyang,this is one of my fav track jugak,vokal Taeyang kedengaran sungguh mantop and make me nari tanpa rasa dusta,ha4,btw lirik dia kinnda sinis,but saper makan cili terasa pedasnyer kan?
8th track=What's Up@The Leader=the best rap track from his album featuring Teddy and CL dari 2NE1,suker giler mereka lawan2 rap,and liriknyer sunnguh memakan jiwa,terasa seperti orang korea pula,kerana sungguh dahsat mereka raping.
ha3,pepapun,elektronik hip-hop still releven lor!!
9th track,She's Gone=nice melody,back up voice yg x menghampakan,but not my fav track.
10th track,Hollow=flowing nyer nice sounded elktronik+pop+dance sesuai tuk menutup halwa telinga selama 30 minit melayan previous 9track 

pepapun=it really worth to buy,and G-D prove K people can b good as foreign people.
artis Malaysia biler lagik??

02 January 2010

mari kiter layan k-pop!!!

Seo In Kook(Superstar K 2009 Winner) - Calling you.
dodol says=love this song,what a nice slow R n B song, my fav part
when hey said oh,oh,oh,oh(sounded like alicia keys-no one)
and of coz the opening strike my attention when he put Beats on his Ears.
(Yummie,demmit i want to own BEAT BY DR.DRE,tolong~)

dodol says=this song reminds me of R n B dance track that usually been airplay in
USA,like Frankie J,Jay Sean,apapepun love the futuristic gadget,although it not 
realistic,i wish i have his phone,nice~~

01 January 2010

orianthi-according to you

to opening 2010..
i want introduce the new babes.
her name orianthi..
in this song ada sikit2 sounded like~~
avril+kelly clarkson+demi..
tapi it ok.
atleast she have an original style of music.
apa lagi layan weh!!
(dah la comel)

happy 2010

Fella,happy 2010.
ape resolution korung??
adakah mahu jadi better then 2009?
adakah nak reddem azam2 x terazam pada tahun2 lepas??
im kinnda sad.
mulai 16/02 ni.
im no longer 1+ lagik.
sudah 2polohan.Ha3,that means i have to b a man instead a boys kan??
x kisah apa pun apa wish,azam,resolution korung,
i will pray 4 ya suksess.


Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Split??

Awww, how sad. The two Taylors: Country singer Taylor Swift and New Moon star Taylor Lautner have split, reports Us Weekly.
A source close to the singer tells Us that there just wasn't any chemistry between the two stars. "It wasn't really developing into anything, and wasn't going to, so they decided they were better as friends."
Just a few weeks ago, while hosting Saturday Night Live, Taylor Lautner told the audience that he has gotten close to Taylor Swift.
"He liked her more than she liked him," the source continues."He went everywhere he could to see her, but she didn't travel much to see him."
But there's no hard feelings. Both stars remain friends and will probably meet each other again in February to promote the romantic flick Valentine's Day.(source http://galaxieblog.com.my/ on 30/12/09)