25 January 2010

brad pitt n angelina is spliting(yahooooooooo)

Since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt became Brangelina the couple has been plagued with rumours their relationship was a tumultuous one, with stories of fierce fights and clandestine affairs. Recently however the rumours began to escalate that a break-up was eminent and now it seems the ‘truth’ is out that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have officially split!
Brangelina no longer seeing eye to eye
Brangelina no longer seeing eye to eye
However, despite the hundreds of news reports flooding the Internet allegedly confirming that Brad and Ange have signed separation papers, The New York Daily News have quoted sources who deny the news calling it instead “totally false.”

“Everything is fine,” one source told People.com while other sources say otherwise. The couple is not talking; they have neither confirmed nor denied anything as yet. And until a public statement is released by them, speculation will continue.

While we’d all love to see Hollywood’s golden couple together the odds are there is no hope of a long and lasting relationship here – even if the current news of their split is found to be false.  

Based on journalist Ian Halperin's report that a close friend of Brad says, “Brad is miserable and wants a new start,” it looks like the hunky actor has been preparing to bail from his five-year relationship with Ange for at least six months.

The bigger news when the split does become final is who will get custody of the couple’s six children? That is set to be a long, drawn out and ugly fight between Brad and Ange who, despite the breakdown of their relationship have always maintained their love for their kids.
Battle for the brood
Battle for the brood
The fact that they have never married and that Brad's surname is attached to all the children namely; Maddox, Zahara and Pax and that he is the biological father to  Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne will guarantee the custody battle will definitely be complicated.

It is for certain that Ange will not give up custody of her children easily and the battle will rage on whether Brad will get any custody at all. A few published reports have already claimed that Ange has offered Brad $90 million so she can gain full custody of their six children.

From the start of the break up rumours Ange who has always maintained her children are her life has made it clear she will do anything to keep her kids and she has also made it clear that money was no object in her bid to gain sole custody of all children.

British magazine Look quoted a source who confirmed this saying, “The fact remains she wants them (the children) with her on a daily basis. To ensure this, Ange sat Brad down and calmly informed him she was prepared to make the one-off payout to him if he’d agree to forgo a nasty custody battle.”

The source also pointed out, “Of course, Brad nearly fell off his chair when she proposed the financial settlement. I think he thought she was joking for a while and told her to stop being so ridiculous.” The source added, “He rejected the offer and said in the event of a permanent split, he intends to for joint custody and a promise that all children will be raised and educated primarily in the United States near his family.”

“Despite their differences,” the source continues, “Angelina thinks Brad is a brilliant father. But I think he is insulted and above all hurt that despite all he and Angelina have shared together and the children they’ve had, it’s coming down to money.”

dodol say=yippie,the most anoying couple of this decade is finally break up,yahuu.lepas ni saper nak anak2 dia cepat2 la bid dalam E-Bay,hua3!!!(amik kau brad pit,tingai sngat J.A,dia iklas jer kawin ngan hang,hang nak p cari yang seksi,padan muker!!!)