06 January 2010

twiggies!!!!!(i need u)

errrr,i eat this when i happy,i eat this when i sad,i eat this when i depress,i cant just live my life without this piece of fucking bread,it really turn me on.(eventually im not in a good mood,and i just took 2 twiggies,and felling much more better).I dont know they put poisons of something,but it make me addicted to it,im in love with u twiggies

psst~im not eat every days,depend to my mood,(and others reasons i love twiggies it only the things that do undestand me after my BFF,who's now in Terrenganu,im so lonely in KUIS,i dont have lots friends,and i wish i could finishing my Diploma A.S.A.P(fingers crossing)

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