12 June 2010

mengapa eh??

just wonfering la weh,
why i love to think negative in every perspective or situation in front me.
why i always think im a loser?
why i must do someting stupid+anoyyig to atract and get attention by other,and in the end of the days,
people talks shit back to me.
i always merendah diri.
xda keyakinan.
kuat merungut.
main bnyak.
damn,what the hell is going on with me..
 im totally freak out with myself.
im not that kind of person dulu,masa high school.
im strong,nakal,out spoken,loveable by people,
now i always make myself sick.
why2,why im still negative even now.
damn,i need..
not dodol,not sa8,not hujan,not eton.
sepatutnya saadatul mustaqim=kebahagian berkekalan.
i never feel like that,ati x tenang,try very hard to look fine,but im not.
im afraid to take chances,to jump of the edge,to b someone that i dream off.
to many things yang nak di-edit.
to many things yang nak di betulkan.
why im emo,rrrrrr..
xda permulaan n akhiran.
if i keep thiibgking and think.
i can b insane,sewel.
YA Allah kuatkan la hambamu ini,menempuhi dugaan-Mu.

2 orang mengacau dodol:

Terry ♥ said...


thinking negatively isnt totally a bad thing.. kadang2 bila kita sedar kelemahan kita, kita akan improve untuk jd lagi hebat...

"A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her"

Maybe you should be a tad bit religious..redha and tawakal ngan every situation..maybe ada hikmah disebalik setiap peristiwa yang berlaku..kan kan?

and dear..dont think to much, too many unanswered question can only lead to depression..trust me, i've been there.. haha..

relax sudahh.. ;).

( I write 1000++ more words, but im sure it'll just bore you to death, so i'll stop here..ngee~)

dodol sahaja said...

wow,thnx babe,u give me a precious advice.
i think i can b a great n strong me,insya-allah,tomorrow and onwards.
but still,something is bothering me.
why people love to take others down?