18 March 2010

ANTM 14(they r back!)

my fav show is back,CW started aired this show since 10.3.2010.
this is my personal favourite.


well,there are 10 more girls,but they are not my fav maybe same people are doubting,
why i love this shows,this is so not MACHO.
now i want to explain,
i love this show because of the contestant,we can  actually love them.
although they not the winner,because this reality show show the real..
this models atitude,plus,their shooting are awesome.
love it,dari cycle 1 until 14,there always suprised.
drama and extreme shoot.
and of coz i love the girls,i love  they work their body.
that what models do,

psst*model x semestinya cantik yer tetapi mempunyai rupa yang unik itu adalah model.

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